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A Quick Overview Before You Get Your Next Maple Syrup Bottle!

Christmas is around the corner, and you would be buying things for the kitchen and also for your home. If you want to pick up something that would bring a smile on someone’s face, maple syrup might be a good choice. The story of maple syrup dates back to 1600s, and you will find brands that sell the sugary syrup sourced straight from Canada.

Yes, more than 80% of world’s pure maple syrup comes from Canada. When you want to find a cadeau corporatif fait au québec, there’s nothing better than this. Quebec alone produces most of it and is considered to be the best place to enjoy maple syrup in season. In this post, we are sharing a few things you must know before buying maple syrup.

Pure maple syrup is expensive

That’s right! The syrup comes from the sap of the maple tree. A hold is made in the tree and a container is used to collect the sap. The sap is first boiled, and the leftover liquid is further filtered to get pure maple syrup. You will find brands that also sell organic syrup, which is even more expensive. Before you buy maple syrup, keep in mind that the product label must mention all the details. The syrup that’s derived from early start of the season is light and extremely tasty, and this maple syrup is mostly used as a dressing or topping. In the later part of the harvest season, the syrup is thick and dark in color and the maple flavor is stronger, which makes this ideal for cooking.

Pure maple syrup is rare

Maple syrup is extracted in season, which is between February and April, and if the winters are not that good, the syrup won’t be that good. Tapping has to be done at the right time, or else, the quality of the end product will suffer drastically. There are only a few kinds or varieties of maple trees that can be used for extracting the syrup. Of all, sugar maple and black maple are the most popular, while red maple is also great.

If you are buying a syrup bottle for the first time, check the label, find all the details, and ensure that you check the grading. A grade B syrup is darker and will have more of the maple flavor, while grade A syrup is great for drizzling on pancakes.

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