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Four Mistakes you Should Not Make when Considering Laser Hair Removal

If you want to seriously say goodbye to razors, waxing, and tweezers, laser hair removal might be your best option to get rid of unwanted body hairs. However, while this procedure can change your life, you must ensure you avoid making mistakes that others did to ensure the success of your procedure.

These mistakes include the following:

Not Getting the Procedure Done at the Right Place

You must pick an establishment that specialises in laser hair removal. They should have done this many times in the past. Find a place that is highly recommended by other people. You can use online reviews to help you make a decision. Laser hair removal treatments must be done my medical specialists including nurses, laser technicians, aestheticians, and doctors who underwent rigorous training to make sure you will have a safe and worry-free experience. You can find the best place for laser hair removal at

Not Shaving First

Lasers heat hair to damage the hair follicles’ stem cells. However, the laser can burn your skin if the hair is too long. The best for treatment is freshly shaved hair. If you really have to wax, you must let your hair grow in for at least a week before your laser appointment.

Not Ensuring It is actually a Laser

You must find out what kind of machine the office will use for the treatment. Are they going to use a laser or intense pulsed light (IPL)? Keep in mind that IPL is mainly used for skin rejuvenation and not for hair removal. Find lasers that are used for your desired procedure, especially ones with a long track record in safety.

Not Setting Realistic Expectations

Laser treatment is quite effective; however, they do not automatically produce your desired results. Thus, you should not expect your laser hair removal treatment to automatically make you free of unwanted hair. Do not be blinded by misleading ads that suggest a session is enough to get the results you want. Remember that it will take a series of sessions to zap those hair follicles because hair grows in many phases.

The standard time between your laser hair removal appointments is 4-6 weeks. Often, it takes five sessions to achieve satisfactory hair reduction. However, many people will get 2-3 treatments and come back six months later and complain the hair has grown back. The follicle must be repeatedly traumatised. Some areas that hat particularly thick hair may require more sessions than others. For most people, five should be enough.

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