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How to Get the Best Results After Nose Surgery

The reason people get rhinoplasty done can be due to a medical issue or for improving their appearance. At the end, the shape or size of their nose is changed, which impacts their features. So, you should always be mindful of the look you select for your nose before getting the surgery.

Rhinoplasty has the potential to impact your whole face just by making changes to your nose, so people who undergo the procedure are often nervous when it comes to seeing results. Therefore, to see the best results, you can apply some useful tips and tricks.

Avoid Over-Expectation

Thinking that your nose will turn out like a celebrity after getting your nose surgery done might not be the ideal way forward. The surgeons can try their best to alter your nose accordingly, but 100% results are rarely guaranteed.

Ultimately, the overall look of your nose is dependent on various factors such as your healing capacity, skin quality, facial features, and skin tone. To observe the best results after nose surgery, try and manage your expectations so you can focus on the changes positively.

Explain the Look You Want

Communication with your surgeon is the key to obtaining beautiful nose surgery (known as เสริมจมูกสวย in Thai) results. If you are not able to explain it verbally, show a picture to your surgeon to get an idea of the look you want to achieve. Giving vague instructions can play a huge role in providing unsatisfactory results since the surgeon may not know what you want at the end.

So, make sure that they have a clear idea of your requirements to make a suitable decision. This will help them analyse your nasal structure and tell you if it’s possible or not to achieve the look.

Take Good Aftercare

Taking proper care of your nose is mandatory to achieve the desired results after surgery. There are several things you should refrain from doing until the doctor lifts the restrictions. After the procedure, the surgeon will cover your nose with a splint, so it’s best if you don’t fiddle with it or try to remove it before the suggested period.

Furthermore, when your nose is in the healing phase, avoid touching your stitches or pressing it too hard and don’t skip your routine checkups. Most importantly, if you tend to smoke occasionally or regularly, try to quit until your nose heals completely, as it halts the healing process significantly.

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