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Importance of Taking your Child to an Orthodontist

Taking your child to an orthodontist sooner than later will help them keep a beautiful smile and a healthy mouth. Early orthodontic visits help in determining possible developmental issues your child may be facing and address them now.

The best time to see an orthodontist for the first time is when your child reaches the age of seven. But, if your kids are eight or older and missed this early checkup, do not worry. You just need to schedule a visit for them today and know if there are developmental issues that require orthodontic treatment.

Common Signs your Child May Need Orthodontic Evaluation

Below are some signs you must watch out for that indicate you must bring them for an orthodontic evaluation:

  • They are still using pacifiers beyond the age of 3 or 4.
  • They are sucking thumb.
  • They regularly sleep while asleep.
  • Their permanent teeth have permanent gaps.
  • Their permanent teeth are growing in crooked.
  • Their jawbones tend to pop if the bite, talk, or chew.
  • Their teeth are too close together and overlapping each other.

Reasons for Taking your Child to an Orthodontist at this Age

While the teeth of your child might look straight, there could be issues you can’t see on the surface. For example, a baby tooth won’t fall out and the permanent tooth will develop and could row out in front of or behind the baby tooth. This leads to the other teeth pushing out of the way and becoming crooked.

 Moreover, early orthodontic visits can detect jaw growth and development. If the jaw of your child is not growing fast enough, but molars and permanent teeth are developing faster, this could lead to overcrowding. Also, the orthodontist will check the bite of the jaw to see if your child could develop an overbite or underbite.

Should your Child Get Braces?

The majority of kids won’t get braces until after all their baby teeth have fallen out. This could be around age 10 or 11 in girls and between ages 11 and 13 in boys. Before getting braces, the orthodontist may recommend other kinds of treatments that will benefit your child  after they get braces.

If your child has early issues with crooked teeth or teeth gaps, the orthodontist may recommend retainers. Retainers are worn over the teeth and help guild the developing teeth into a more favorable position.

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