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Interested In Cannabis Concentrates? Here’s a Review of Shatter!

Talk about cannabis concentrates, and many seasoned and medical cannabis users will mention shatter. For the uninitiated, shatter has a hard, but very brittle consistency, and hence the name. To get shatter, a special kind of extraction method is used, which relies on agents like ‘liquid carbon dioxide’, which helps in getting the desired cannabinoid profile. If you are interested in cannabis shatter, here are some quick things worth knowing.

How is shatter made?

Like other cannabis concentrates, shatter is made by extracting cannabinoids using specific methods. The bonding agent attaches itself to the cannabinoids, and all the plant matter is discarded. The resulting mixture is then reheated, which ensures that only cannabinoids are left behind, producing shatter. Shatter remains one of the popular cannabis concentrates in the market today and can be consumed in numerous ways.

Knowing shatter better

Shatter is desirable to medical cannabis users for many reasons. First and foremost, it contains high levels of THC – often as high as 80%, with other compounds such as THCA. Shatter has this golden amber color and almost looks transparent. You can use a dab rig to consume shatter. If you press shatter with anything, it will break into small pieces, which justifies the name.

What to expect with shatter?

Thanks to higher concentration of cannabinoids, especially THC, shatter offers the perfect cannabis concentrate experience. There are all sorts of products in the market, and the cost also depends on the concentration of compounds, so do your homework. Nevertheless, expect exactly what the strain is about – shatter offers an incredibly empowering experience. The effects of this cannabis concentrate can take a few minutes to set in, and if you are using a dab rig, you can expect the ‘high’ within 30 minutes. Always remember that cannabis concentrates are high in compounds like THC, so go slow, and a small amount of shatter goes a long way.

How to store shatter?

Shatter must be stored away from sunlight, and we recommend that you get a silicon container to protect this cannabis concentrate from damage. Shatter comes wrapped in a special wax paper, and you have to transfer the supply into a container right away. Shatter can be stored for a long period of time in a dark, cool place, but you may see some change in consistency. This consistency is called sugar wax, which is also safe to be used but is often more potent than the original cannabis concentrate.

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